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  • Sword Cheese Grater

    Zelda Sword Cheese Grater

    It’s dangerous to cook alone… This sword shaped cheese grater belongs in every gamer’s kitchen! Grating does not need to be a battle when this 100% functional grater will make fun and easy work when preparing meals.

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  • Dragon Ball Super Monopoly

    Dragon Ball Super Monopoly

    Join your favorite Z fighters as you buy, sell, and trade in Monopoly: Dragon Ball Super Edition! Custom tokens of eight different Universe Symbols take competitive Dragon Ball Super fans around this fantastic game board.

    $49.99 Check it out!
  • Howl’s Moving Castle Wooden Puzzle

    Howl's Moving Castle Wooden Puzzle

    Here’s an amazing tribute to Howl’s Moving Castle, the amazing anime of Studio Ghibli. This Ki-Gu-Mi Howl’s Moving Castle wooden model kit allows you to bring it to life in your own space and even use it as a desk organizer!

    $210.00 Check it out!
  • G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Watch

    G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Watch

    Casio has made a collaboration that has produced a pretty spectacular result! The Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball Z watch will certainly stand out on any fan’s wrist. The color, design, and images on the band all come straight from the anime.

    $430.99 Check it out!
  • Crochet Sea Turtle Blanket

    Crochet Sea Turtle Blanket

    This cute blanket has a unique design of baby sea turtles on their path to the water. Everything is carefully crocheted by hand. Features sea turtles and tropical shells over a beach themed blanket. Available in sizes from baby, all the way up to queen!

    $100.00 Check it out!
  • D20 Gamer Dice Soap

    D20 Gamer Dice Soap

    Roll a critical blow to filth and grime on your body with this geeky D20 dice shaped soap! House guests will have fun while cleaning their hands and admire you when they see how cool your bathroom soap choices are.

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  • Avatar Momo Backpack

    Avatar Momo Backpack

    Something’s missing from your outfit… something very important. It’s this Momo mini backpack! Store all your snacks and stuff inside and hope Momo doesn’t eat everything. Shaped just like the adorable winged lemur from Avatar the Last Airbender.

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  • Magikarp Hat

    Pokemon Magikarp Hat

    This hat comes just as silly as the Pokemon! The most useless splashing fish has been stitched up to be made into a very wearable hat to beat those chilly days. It’s really all Magikarp is good for until he evolves…

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  • Ouran High Host Club Certificate

    Ouran High School Host Club Honorary Host Certificate

    Congratulations senpai! You are now an Honorary Ouran Host Club honoree. You know how to treat your guests with admiration and charm, and here’s the proof of your education. Now all you need is a rose and a cup of instant coffee.

    $16.00 Check it out!