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  • Pokemon Card Lighters

    Pokemon Card Lighters

    Light up like a true Pokemon Master by keeping a special place in your pocket for one of your most cherished childhood possessions. These lighters feature a wind resistance flame with front and back details just like a real Trading Card.

    $15.65 Check it out!
  • Charizard Credit Card Skin

    Charizard Credit Card Skin

    Shut up and take my Pokedollars! Customize any bank or credit card with a skin fit for a Pokemon Master! This Charizard credit card skin are super easy to apply and are designed to fit any type of card. Perfect for Pokemon fans who like to shop!

    $7.00 Check it out!
  • Pokemon X Mario Kart Pins

    Pokemon X Mario Kart Pins

    If you enjoy crossovers, take a look at these epic pins! These Poke’Kart hard enamel pins are a mashup between your favorite Pokemon and Mario Kart, two of the best games of all time! If you’re a fan of both you can’t miss out on collecting these!

    $12.00 Check it out!
  • Pokemon Card Rugs

    Pokemon Card Rugs

    Nothing will say you’re a hard core Pokemon collector than one of these ridiculously large rugs! These eye-catching rug accurately replicates the look you’re favorite Pokemon cards. Custom orders are also available!

    $39.00 Check it out!