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  • Sakura Cherry Blossom Pasta

    Sakura Cherry Blossom Pasta

    Sakura season has come to your kitchen with cherry blossom shaped pasta! Even if you’re too late to see Japan’s favorite flower on the trees, you still have got plenty of time to see them on your plate with this 3 pack set of sakura pasta.

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  • Samurai Pet Armor

    Samurai Pet Armor

    Perhaps nothing says Japan quite like the samurai pet armor for cats and dogs. Unlike real armor, this is lightweight so your feline or canine friend won’t get too annoyed to pose for unique photos. Available in four colors and three sizes.

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  • Totoro Salt & Pepper Shakers

    My Neighbor Totoro Salt & Pepper Shakers

    If you think you could use a little Totoro in your life, these salt and pepper shakers will make a great addition to your kitchen. Made from Japan’s finest china, this quality tableware will look good at even the fanciest dinner setting.

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  • Ramen Noodles Candle

    Ramen Noodles Candle

    What better way to celebrate your love of the staple than with a flaming display of ramen noodles! This fully accurate reproduction of ramen comes complete with a miniature set of chopstick and includes a genuine pottery bowl.

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  • Doraemon Sleep Companion Pillow

    There are some characters who are timeless, and Doraemon is the perhaps the most famous of them all! The robotic cat from Japan is so beloved that many people to want to sleep next to him, and now you can with this plush Doraemon pillow!

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  • Punirunes Touchable Digital Pet

    Punirunes Touchable Digital Pet

    This device takes digital pets to the next level! Put your finger into the hole and you can literally pet the digital character. Available in three colors, it features more than 50 characters that are very squishy and addictive to touch!

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  • Lotus Incense & Candle Set

    Kameyama Lotus Incense and Candle Set

    This Buddhist symbolic flower pack contains three beautiful lotus candles and three boxes of scented incense sticks, perfect to have on while meditating! The set contains a glass holder for the candles that’s also shaped like a lotus flower.

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  • Sumo Wrestler Salt Shaker

    Sumo Wrestler Salt Shaker

    This sumo wrestler salt shaker throws salt around just like real sumos throw before their match! The sumo wrestlers salt shaker is a fun way to recreate this ritual every time you have a meal, bringing the sumo ring to your plate!

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  • Kanji Writing Practice Memo Pad

    Japanese Kanji Writing Practice Memo Pad

    Learn to write Japanese language with this nifty practice pad. You’ll have in your hands a great way to learn 100 words and phrases the same way the Japanese learn them: by practicing them on a special writing pad!

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  • Howl’s Moving Castle Wooden Puzzle

    Howl's Moving Castle Wooden Puzzle

    Here’s an amazing tribute to Howl’s Moving Castle, the amazing anime of Studio Ghibli. This Ki-Gu-Mi Howl’s Moving Castle wooden model kit allows you to bring it to life in your own space and even use it as a desk organizer!

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  • Cup Noodle Pouch

    Cup Noodle Pouch

    Show your love for ramen when you tote around Cup Noodle pouch! The Cup Noodle 50th Anniversary Pouch fits pretty much everything a regular purse would and, with its strap, it can also hang from your wrist, allowing you to move more freely.

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  • Demon Slayer Pop-Up Game

    Demon Slayer Pop-Up Game

    This Demon Slayer game is the same as with all Pop-Up Pirate variations! The classic game features a barrel on which a Nezuko Kamado doll stands, players must take turns inserting swords hoping they won’t get the slot that sends her flying in the air!

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  • One Piece Toilet Paper (72 Rolls)

    One Piece Toilet Paper

    The One Piece toilet paper is the perfect addition to any bathroom of a fan, or hater! These manga themed rolls have six kinds of fun prints in various colors, centered on the three sworn brothers of the Straw Hat Crew.

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  • Totoro Finger Puppet Set

    My Neighbor Totoro Finger Puppet Set

    Fit three of anime’s most iconic characters on your fingers! Mei, Totoro and Cat Bus from the movie My Neighbor Totoro all come in a carrying case that looks like the Kusakabe family’s house. Perfect for collectors and fans of all ages!

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  • Wearable Kotatsu Heater

    Wearable Kotatsu Heater

    You can finally own a kotatsu you can move around in! This wearable kotatsu heater is a practical solution to cold homes during winter. Like a heated, wearable sleeping bag, you can stand, sit, lie down, and move around while using the item.

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  • Hamtaro Pajamas

    Hamtaro Pajamas

    These Hamtaro pajamas really stand out for being practical and adorably cute! Comfortable and fun, if you count yourself as a Hamtaro fan, this sleepwear guarantees he and his friends will be visiting you in your dreams! Choose between three characters.

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