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  • Pokemon Card Resin Coasters

    Pokemon Card Resin Coasters

    These gorgeous resin coasters each feature a Pokemon card of your choosing! The handcrafted coasters come in a variety of Pokemon available for custom orders. Each Pokemon is matched to a resin color of it’s type.

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  • Playstation Coasters Set

    Playstation Coasters Set

    Impress friends and gamers with this set of corked-back metal coasters! Each coaster features an embossed design of PlayStation’s iconic controller buttons. They will protect your tables, desk, bar, and other surfaces!

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  • Attack On Titan 3D Levi Mousepad

    Attack On Titan 3D Levi Mousepad

    This hilarious 3D mouse pad is filled with soft silicone gel to provide Levi-obsessed fans with an authentic and firm feel. And when you’re not being a total perv, Levi’s buttocks also give excellent wrist support when using the computer.

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  • Zelda Korok Heat Changing Mug

    Zelda Korok Heat Changing Mug

    Yahaha! You found me! Now you can experience the magic of finding Koroks over and over again with your morning tea or coffee! This mug appears black when cold and reveals the Koroks hiding in the Lost Woods when hot liquid is added.

    $15.00 Check it out!
  • Totoro Google Home Holder

    Totoro Google Home Holder

    “Hey Totoro, what’s the weather like today?” This case transforms your Google Home into a fun decoration piece in the shape of everybody’s favorite Studio Ghibli character! Utilize Totoro’s belly as the perfect spot to stand your smart home device

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  • Pikachu Centipede Plush

    Pikachu Centipede Plush

    This is what you get when you leave Onix and Pikachu at the Pokemon Day Care. This extremely long Pikacentipede body pillow makes an creepy cuddle buddy for cold nights. The perfect gift for a Pokemon fan who already has everything!

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  • Cardcaptor Sakura Mirror Sticker

    Cardcaptor Sakura Mirror Sticker

    It’s time to dress up your mirror and add a little magic to your selfies! These high quality decals are designed to transform your mirror into one of Sakura’s Clow Cards, featuring you inside! Look in the mirror and transform into a Magical Girl!

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  • Animal Crossing Fossil Box

    Animal Crossing Fossil Storage Box

    Hide your favorite items from sneaky raccoons in this fossil storage box! This Animal Crossing fossil replica is around 4 inches in diameter and features a fossil that can be removed to reveal some secrete storage space.has a top that comes off!

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  • Giant Milotic Plush

    Giant Milotic Plush

    Say goodbye to lonesome nights when you snuggle up with this excessively large Milotic plush! This Milotic plush doll is 7 feet long, so it also doubles up as a cozy body pillow. Perfect for snuggling with Pokemon Trainers!

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  • Sailor Moon Oven Mitt

    Sailor Moon Oven Mitt

    Channel your inner super powers with this Sailor Moon oven mitt! Designed to look like the iconic gloves Sailor Moon wears to fight the forces of evil, this mitt will help protect you from all your hot kitchen dishes.

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  • Pokemon Card Rugs

    Pokemon Card Rugs

    Nothing will say you’re a hard core Pokemon collector than one of these ridiculously large rugs! These eye-catching rug accurately replicates the look you’re favorite Pokemon cards. Custom orders are also available!

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  • Monster Musume Body Pillow Cover

    Monster Musume Body Pillow Cover

    Unless you can find a dakimakura that’s over 7 meters long, then this might just be the longest one in the world! This body pillow cover features the human-snake lady Miia from Monster Masume and is actually a life size version of the character!

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  • Nintendo 64 Table

    Nintendo 64 Table
    Immortalize your favorite console by giving it a place in your home with this Nintendo 64 table base. The custom made coffee table creates the ideal unique piece of furniture to any retro gamer’s living room!
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  • Pokemon Diorama Cubes

    Pokemon Diorama Cubes

    Proudly display a piece of your childhood with one of these Pokemon diorama cubes! Each cube is handcrafted from high quality paper and acrylic and features a design with depth to give this unique display piece a 3D effect!

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  • Super Mario Mushroom Bento Box

    Super Mario Mushroom Bento Lunchbox Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Next time you go to school or work, don’t forget to bring the Mushrooms! While these power-up lunch boxes may not cause the user to gain enhanced strength or abilities, they’ll keep your food fresh until it’s time for a nibble.

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  • Calcifer Spatula

    Howl's Moving Castle Calcifer Spatula

    Good luck trying to not burn your bacon in the morning when cooking with this little Fire Demon! The Calcifer spatula makes an excellent gift for Studio Ghibli fans who also loves to cook. May all your bacon burn!

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