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Collectibles + Replicas

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  • Kirby Terrariums

    Kirby Terrariums

    Surprise a special gamer in your life with one of these officially licensed Kirby terrariums! There are 6 different terrariums to collect, each featuring Kirby in a different environment and along with another character or two.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Life Size Millennium Puzzle

    Yu-Gi-Oh Life Size Millennium Puzzle Replica

    If you consider yourself the king of games, show the world you’re are a believer in the heart of the cards and ready to duel anyone, anytime with this life sized Millennium Puzzle replica! The perfect gift idea for the avid Duelist in your life.

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  • Berserk Guts Steel Armor

    Berserk Guts Steel Armor

    Impress everyone at the next costume party when you arrive dressed as the renowned Black Swordsman, Guts! Available in parts or as a complete set, this handcrafted custom armor is made from blackened steel and suited to your own measurements.

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  • Pokemon Gym Leader Certificate

    Pokemon Gym Leader Certificate

    Planning on opening your own Pokemon Gym? Then you’ll definitely need some Gym Leader certification in recognition of your great achievement! These custom made novelty prints allow you to show off your Pokemon team to other Trainers!

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  • Arms Min Min Hat

    Arms Min Min Hat

    Let everyone know who your favorite Arms character is all while keeping warm and looking as cool as Min Min! Made from super soft and cozy fleece, the Min Min hat is a great gift for any avid Nintendo Switch gamer or descendant of ramen royalty.

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  • Psycho-Pass Dominator

    Psycho-Pass Dominator

    This Dominator may not turn foes into sludge, but it will put on a display as it elaborately unfolds! This incredible replica perfectly mimics the Dominator’s functions from Psycho-Pass with LED lights and over 100 voice samples from the show.

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  • Custom Wooden Pokemon Cards

    Custom Wooden Pokemon Cards

    Stay one step ahead of the game by adding a cool flair to your ever growing Pokemon card collection! This custom made, shadow box Pokemon card is wood burned front and back and even comes with its own little stand.

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  • Super Mario 3D Printed Bullet Bill

    Super Mario 3D Printed Bullet Bill

    This miniature version of living ammunition is an excellent way for any Super Mario gan to pay homage to their favorite villain. Created entirely using a 3D printer, this model comes without his spindly white arms and is available in two different sizes.

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  • Pokemon Dioramas

    Pokemon Dioramas

    Any Pokemon fan would be thrilled to receive one of these Pokemon terrariums as a gift! Each of these displays are handmade from diorama crafting supplies and Pokemon figures to give you a peek inside of what really goes on inside a Pokeball.

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  • Blue Dragon Ball Replicas

    Blue Dragon Balls Replicas

    Oh, you only have regular Dragon Balls? That’s cute. Now you can call forth the eternal new born Dragon Alpha Shenron, who has the ability to grant anyone who gathers them five wishes! Immortality is just one credit card payment away!

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  • Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Cards

    Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Cards

    Bring all of Sakura’s magical cards to the real world with a high quality set of Clow Cards! This collectors deck has reproduced all the Clow Cards in full size, making them a fundamental addition to any Cardcaptor Sakura fan’s collection.

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  • Zelda Master Sword Umbrella

    Legend Of Zelda Master Sword Umbrella

    Searching for a legendary weapon to stop both rain and Ganon? Look no further. Instantly recognizable, this Master Sword umbrella is perfect for when someone forgets the Sun Song and plays the Song of Storms instead.

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  • Avatar Amon Mask

    Avatar Amon Mask

    Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders? Then start a revolution! This remarkably crafted mask is inspired by the very same one worn by the mysterious group leader Amon from the Legend of Korra series. The revolution has begun!

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  • Evangelion Hair Clips

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Hair Clips

    These Neon Genesis Evangelion hair clips are modeled after the very ones Asuka and Rei wear! They actually work as a functional hair piece, so they’re not only good for cosplay but you can also wear them as a geeky everyday accessory.

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  • Pokeflute Replica

    Pokemon Pokeflute Replica

    Now you’ll be able to unblock any path from a sleeping Snorlax with this hand-made Pokeflute! Inspired by the artwork from the original Pokemon flute trading card, this incredible replica is a must have accessory for any Pokemon Trainer ‘s costume.

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