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  • Attack On Titan Shot Glasses

    Attack On Titan Shot Glasses

    Whether you’re in the Survey Corps or Military Police, everyone enjoys a good shot! TheseĀ engravedĀ glasses areĀ perfect for kickingĀ offĀ aĀ night out with your squadmates, or before facing certain death against a fight with the Titans.

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  • Super Mario Mystery Box Mug

    Super Mario Mystery Box Mug

    Drinking out of this Mystery Box mug won’t give you an extra life or powers, but it will give you a nice caffeine buzz! Holds whatever beverage you prefer to power up to in the morning without the need to punch it to obtainĀ the contents.

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  • Hello Kitty Strawberry Ramune

    Hello Kitty Ramune

    This Hello Kitty Ramune makes the already delicious Japanese soda even sweeter! Once the marble is pressed down, you’ll receiveĀ a pleasant burst of strawberry aroma, followed by a great sadness when it’s all gone.

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  • One Punch Man Glass

    One Punch Man Glass

    One Punch Man fans can now commemorate theĀ Caped Baldy’s lifeless expression together with their favorite beverage. Able to hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, this etchedĀ drinking glassĀ pays tribute to the world’sĀ strongest hero with everyĀ sip.

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  • Lunch Of Zelda Cutting Board

    Legend Of Zelda Cutting Board

    Select your weapon and increase accuracy cutting veggies and meat! If you like using a kitchen knife as much as Link’s Master Sword, then thisĀ quality made NES cartridge cutting board isĀ the perfect kitchen accessory for you.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro Cup

    My Neighbor Totoro Cup

    Set your coffee cup apart from the rest with a design that brightlyĀ captures the happy woodland creatureĀ under his umbrella.Ā These stylish Totoro cups are all individually hand painted and willĀ preserve the vibrant colors over time.

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  • Sushi Date Night Planner Stickers

    Sushi Date Night Planner Stickers

    These cute and functional stickers are perfect for makingĀ sure Japanese cuisine night doesn’tĀ go unforgotten. ThisĀ sheetĀ of stickers includes 12 sushi night reminders for you to placeĀ inĀ your diary or calendar.

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  • Attack On Titan Cupcake Toppers

    Attack On Titan Cupcake Toppers

    Make your next batch of freshly baked cupcakes an absoluteĀ hit with Attack on Titan fans! These chibi cupcake decorationsĀ come in a set of 12, 100% edible fondantsĀ that friends and familyĀ can sink their teeth into.

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  • Rilakkuma Chopsticks

    Rilakkuma Chopsticks

    Sometimes eating your favorite Japanese dish can be tricky if you can’t useĀ chopsticks! Luckily RilakkumaĀ isĀ here to help make Japanese cuisine night even more fun by utilizingĀ the lazy bear as a handyĀ guide for yourĀ chopsticks.

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  • Evangelion Popcorn Bucket

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Popcorn Bucket

    What seems like a crazy idea at first is actually an awesome way to enjoy copious amounts of popcorn while watching anime.Ā This unique popcorn bucket is shapedĀ like the Eva Unitā€™s head, comes with light-up eyes and even opens its mouth!

    $85.00 Check it out!
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Shot Glass

    Sonic Shot Glasses

    Need a little extra speed the next time you play drinking games? Have Sonic join you for your next round of shots with this officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog shot glass. Show your buddiesĀ who finishes their shots first!

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  • One Piece Cookie Cutters

    One Piece Cookie Cutter

    Mix up some cookie dough and combineĀ your secretĀ recipeĀ with these One Piece inspired cookie cutters! TheseĀ 3D printed cutters makeĀ baking even more fun, while providingĀ smiles and full belliesĀ for friends and One Piece fans alike.

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  • Bento Lunch Box

    Bento Lunch Box

    Say goodbye to lunches inĀ brown-bags andĀ disposable plastic containers! Enjoy a gourmet meal served inĀ an eco-friendly bento lunchbox thatĀ includes two stackable containers,Ā plastic cutlery andĀ a secure strap for easy transportation.

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  • Pac-Man Energy Drinks

    Pac-Man Energy Drink Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Spending your day running mazes, eating pellets and chasing ghosts can bring anyone’s energy level down. Luckily theseĀ bubbly beverages are full of fruity flavors and enough caffeine to send those troublesome ghosts running!

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  • Yoko Gurren Lagann Starbucks Mug

    Yoko Gurren Lagann Starbucks Mug Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Enjoy theĀ morning coffee routine even more as you wrap your hands around this novelty Starbucks and Gurren Lagann crossover mug. This custom made ceramic mugĀ replacesĀ theĀ traditional Starbucks logo with your favorite gun-slingingĀ girl, Yoko!

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