My Neighbor Totoro

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  • My Neighbor Totoro Cling Ring


    Ensure you’re never alone by having Totoro accompany you on all your adventures! This elegant sterling silver ring features carved details that perfectly represents the furry forest creature clinging to your finger.

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  • Totoro Dust Bunny Stamp


    What better way to add a touch of cuteness to everyday notes and memos than with a Dust Bunny stamp! Enjoy spreading a plague of these black and fuzzy creatures around the office and school property.

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  • Totoro Wedding Cake Topper


    Share your special day with Totoro and… Totoro! There’s no better way to finish off the wedding cake than having Totoro play the bride and groom. These wedding cake toppers are custom made for each order to be specifically unique!

    $100.00 Check it out!
  • My Neighbor Totoro Bottle Art


    Look no further than this bottled artwork of Totoro and this friends to add to your collection of anime paraphernalia. Each bottle stands at approximately 1 inch tall, and has it’s interior carefully hand sculpted from polymer clay.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro Mouse Pad


    You can use Totoro as an adorable, yet very functional mouse pad! His soft plush tail is for a comfy wrist support while Totoro enjoys the tickling sensation he gets when your mouse smoothly glides over his stomach.

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  • Custom Anime Flip-Flops


    Style after your favorite anime characters and wear a pair of custom made flip-flops this summer! They’re all skillfully hand-painted and lightly glossed to endure the the soles of your feet for a long lasting effect.

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  • Totoro Guitar Picks


    Pluck the strings of your guitar and rock the stage with Totoro and all his forest spirit friends. These eye-catching guitar picks includes a set of ten unique Totoro themed picks that will lend you and your garage band helping hand as you play.

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  • Totoro Pillow Pet


    This multifunctional Totoro pillow pet will keep you company during those long binge watching sessions in front of the TV. He will keep your fingers warm by acting as hand cozy and can open up as a warm blanket for naps, should you get sleepy.

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