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  • Avatar Shot Glasses

    Avatar Shot Glasses

    If you love drinking and the Avatar series, you’ll absolutely worship these geeky shot glasses! Each shot glass features a laser etched symbol of a main element from the series.¬†Perfect for collections, gifts and favors!

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  • Avatar Bracelets

    Avatar Bracelets

    Show off which nation you’d belong to if you were born in the Avatar world! These pendants are double sided with the nation’s symbol on one side, and the element on the other. Each are set on an adjustable leather band.

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  • Avatar Poetry Magnets

    Avatar Poetry Magnets

    Recreate your favorite moments from the Avatar series, or create new ones, with a set of poetry magnets! These¬†epic sets of novelty fridge magnets consists of over 500 pieces. Giving you what’s necessary to become a master wordbender!

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  • Avatar Aang Mitts

    Avatar Aang Mitts

    Whether you wish¬†to look like¬†Avatar Aang or Meelo the noisy¬†fart-bender, these mitts will transform you into the Airbender you wish¬†to be! Stylish, cute¬†and made from soft arcylic yarn, you’ll be able to master the air element in total comfort.

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  • Avatar Fire Ferret Scarf

    Avatar Fire Ferret Scarf

    Don’t worry! This super soft and cozy scarf is actually made from polyester fleece, not a Fire Ferret! Utilize the¬†cutest mascot in the bending world as an eye-catching fashion accessory, turning heads wherever you go.

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  • Avatar Water Tribe Hoodie

    Avatar Water Tribe Hoodie

    Show your pride for the Water Nation and love of the Avatar series with an elemental hoodie! These super soft and warm fleece hoodies sport the element symbol on the back, with the Water Nation emblem on the shoulder.

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  • Avatar Blue Spirit Mask

    Avatar Prince Zuko Blue Spirit Mask Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Transform yourself from the average firebender into the stealthy and mysterious Blue Spirit. This mask is made from hand kneaded and colored clay that includes built out facial features to give this mask an intricate and realistic design.

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  • Chibi Character Jars

    Chibi Jars Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    These¬†adorable¬†jars¬†feature the cute¬†chibified characters accompanied with a wooden spoon and a cork to keep items just where you want them.¬†They’re capable of¬†storing almost anything¬†and¬†are¬†great for little¬†knickknacks.

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  • Appa Hooded Scarf

    Appa Hooded Scarf Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    This is why¬†flying bison’s are almost extinct! But you’ll be glad to know that this¬†hooded scarf is not made from¬†Appa and¬†comes with bison¬†paw¬†mittens¬†in the¬†scarf ends to¬†keep your hands and fingers warm.¬†Yip! Yip!

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